an early delivery


Charles William Hunter Griffith

Born March 9, 2014 7:20PM
7lbs, 4oz
20 inches long

Handsome as the day is long. And it turns out, the day is really, really long.

But also really, really awesome.

70 comments to an early delivery

  • BKC

    Welcome to the world, little one! Congratulations!

  • CaliGal

    He’s here! He’s here!

    Welcome Charles, you amazing little light! :)

    I’m so happy for all of you! Tears fill my eyes with pure happiness for you.

    Thank you for sharing….everything! It’s so wonderful to have witnessed your singleness, courtship and now the birth of your first child. You’re an amzing woman and you deserve only the best.

    I’m sure your whole family is just over the moon!

    Congratulations Mom and Dad!

    Many hearfelt Blessing for all of you. :) xoxox

  • Judy

    Eeeeeeeee! Welcome Charlie!

  • Kristen H

    Hooray! What a gorgeous boy! Congratulations to you and the DL. So, so happy this worked out after the rocky start. Obviously, looking at Charlie, you two are made to make adorable babies.

  • Tacovin

    Heather, congratulations to you and your husband, Baby Charlie is so adorable! I don’t comment ever, but have followed your story since your iVillage days, and am so happy everything is working out for you. Enjoy this time, and while I am at it, thank you for your honest, insightful, and beautiful posts over the years…I truly enjoy reading them!

  • MissusB

    Squeeee! Welcome Charlie! You are going to have the best time and we are glad to have you around! Please remember to do good things, be kind and most importantly–happy.

  • kitkat

    So exciting! Congratulations! He looks so sweet and cuddly!

  • Melanie

    SOOO happy for you and Chris! Congratulations! He is precious!

    I’m glad everyone is healthy and happy!

  • SQUEEEE!!! I’m tearing up here, too! He’s beautiful, Heather! So happy for you and DL!!

  • Sandy D

    Hi Heather,

    Have been a silent reader all these years. But the picture of the little one made me comment. Congrats to you both on your new bundle of joy. Baby Charles is absolutely adorable. He is lucky to have you as his mother. Enjoy the most beautiful phase of your life now called “MOTHERHOOD” :)

  • Cammi

    Congratulations!! So excited and happy for your new adventure as a Mommy.

  • fidelma

    Congratulations! He is gorgeous, just so gorgeous. Enjoy every minute if these newborn days.

  • Hello little, man!! Congrats Heather & The Dork Lord on the cutest little guppy ever!

  • DaChickenLady

    Congrats to you and the Dork Lord! Charles is beautiful.

  • Congratulations and welcome baby Charlie! He’s adorable. So glad y’all are healthy, happy and home. xo

  • Cristy

    Congratulations to you and your husband on the arrival of your little man. He is gorgeous!!!

  • Vivian

    He’s looking so content and happy and snuggly – really sweet! Congratulations!!
    I teared up about your cat Hal, I hope he is doing ok?

  • Stephanie F.

    Thank you for sharing! He is beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Chrysti Alexander

    Congratulations!! I am so very happy for you guys. He is absolutely adorable!! Hopefully we will see him in person soon.
    Hugs to all!!

  • Jessica

    oh my god, congratulation! I have been reading since the boston days and have absolutely loved reading about you handling all of the crazy changes in your life with a sense of humor. I hope you keep the blog updated once in a while so I can keep following your amazing and insane life!

  • Nicole

    I very rarely post, but I’m de-lurking to say congratulations. He is very handsome indeed. I, like many other readers, have been following since the beginning and it’s been such a pleasure to see how life has turned out so far for you. I can’t wait to read more about this new phase.

  • southpengirl

    He’s beautiful!!!

  • Lisa

    Welcome to the world little one! Congratulations!

  • Gayle

    Congratulations! Coming out of lurkdom to say welcome to the world to your beautiful baby boy! Enjoy these days! Best Wishes.

  • amy s

    So happy for you all!

  • Susan B

    Congratulations Fish, he is just perfect. So happy for you and the Dork Lord. The next couple of months will be hard, but also the best time of your life. I’m looking forward to hearing your take on motherhood!

  • Joy

    Sooooo happy for you! So happy this dream could come true. Having a little tiny baby is the best.

  • Juanita P

    Congratulations!!! He is so beautiful. So happy for you all. Enjoy the time it goes by very fast.

  • Sharon

    I just had to add my best wishes to you and your new family!
    He is just perfect!!!

  • Julie

    So so so so happy for you. He’s absolutely adorable! I just want to cuddle him all up, you know if I actually knew you! Congrats to you and the DL. Good luck, and have fun!

  • RzDrms


    I’m so incredibly happy for you and your husband. While I don’t know The Dork Lord, I *do* know a bit of how MUCH you’ve longed for, dreamed about, and loved Charlie before you even knew him, before y’all ever made him.

    Congrats on your beautiful little labor of love. Many prayers and warm thoughts from me to the three of you.

  • Misses M

    Ohmygosh! I can’t even express how happy I am for you and the DL… Charlie is perfect. Congrats to you and the DL!!!

  • Christine

    Oh my goodness, congrats! He is so adorable. I was checking frequently for hopes of the news. I’m very glad that he is finally here. Nothing is better than babies being born. :)

  • Bridget aka Frogthrower

    Benvenuti alla luce, sweet boy.

    Enjoy your days of kissing and squeezing those cheeks. Absolutely overjoyed for you, Heather.

  • Congratulations! He’s adorable, and he even listened when you asked him to show up early :)

  • Anna

    Welcome to the world Charlie and congratulations to your parents!

    Thank you for sharing Fish. Your blog has been the only one I have followed this long, and several of your “favorites” posts are mine too because you manage to express things so well and so spot on (esp the family stuff).

  • Congratulations! He’s beautiful, Mom. And welcome, Charlie.

  • teak

    A GUPPY !!!!
    I am traveling and just saw the post…..
    ……Awwwwww. He is just beautiful.
    Warmest congratulations Heather.
    Wishing you,the DL and Charlie a lifetime of happiness together.

  • He’s BEAUOOOOOTIFUL!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxoooh

  • SO very happy for you!!!! He’s spectacular!

  • Susan

    Yay! Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us for all these years. You couldn’t have asked for a better outcome of the story of This Fish!

  • Agategoddess

    So handsome! Thank you for sharing your good news and best wishes to you all!

  • Melissa

    Such big, gigantic congratulations to you all! What a beautiful face. :o ) Thank you for sharing!

  • Rachel

    Congratulations!!! He is beautiful!

  • kathsprout

    Yay! Congratulations :-) I thought Charlie was a nickname for him while he was “inside” – that’s cool that he’s really called Charlie!

  • Nicole D.

    Congratulations!!! He is beautiful! So happy for you all :)

  • Huge congratulations!!! He is just beautiful. So excited for all of you!

  • kim


  • melissa

    He is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Nilou

    Congratulations Heather on your bundle of joy!

  • Doris


  • What a cutie! Congratulations!

  • Lucrecia

    Congratulations! He’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • Cori

    He’s just beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Cheryl

    Congratulations!! I’ve been out of the loop, so I apologize for the lateness, but I am so very happy for you both!! :) ))))))

  • Wickedragon

    What a perfect little man! Congrats!

  • Karen

    Welcome, Charles William Hunter Griffith! You are splendid. Congratulations to all!

  • It would have been really funny if you had given him a piscine middle name . . .

    BUT SERIOUSLY, Mazel tov on the birth of the little guy. I wish all of you the best of health and happiness. How’s he sleeping so far?

  • Andrea

    Oh Fish, Charlie is just delicious! As a longtime reader I just couldn’t be any happier for you. Enjoy every glorious minute!

  • Mia

    You’re going to have to rename your blog “This Fish Needs a Tricycle”!

  • cyndy

    Congratulations! So Very Happy for you and your husband! What a cutie! Enjoy him!

  • I haven’t been here in a while. So…congratulations!

  • Trisha

    Congratulations on your baby boy. He’s adorable.

  • CaliGal

    Hiya Mom and Dad!

    Just dropping in as I’ve been thinking about all of you. Today marks one month since Charlie’s arrival and I’m just hoping that all is well. :)

    Hope to hear from ya soon.

    Be well!

  • Nicole

    Major congratulations! He is a lovely little man! Best of luck and enjoy. :)

  • Jill

    WOW!! Huge congratulations to you and your growing family!!! What a little sweetheart!! Hope you are all doing great. :)

  • Theresa

    He is such a cutie! Congrats Heather, to you & yours.

  • Laurie

    Congrats! He’s beautiful!

  • RzDrms

    Happy, HAPPY First Mother’s Day! :-)