February 13, 2003

pete's dragon & paris hilton

There simply must be some reasonable explanation for why am currently having songs from Disney's Pete's Dragon replay over and over in an otherwise empty head, and why had dreams featuring J and Paris Hilton last night. And no, have never done acid. Though, after a few more hours of "A dragon, a dragon..." acid (and other substances) will certainly be a consideration.

Tomorrow being mushy, romance-driven day in which yours truly celebrates having never been recipient of flowers or any other romantic gesture, will be passing the day in preparations for long weekend ski trip. Perhaps by pouring love and attention into one giant lasagna, will not feel as though entire existence is a complete waste. Okay, so am not really bitter. But am aware that is much more fashionable in feminist world to despise the holiday. Still, cannot help but love the love day. So what if have never gotten flowers or ultra-cheesy bear-like toy brandishing slimy looking silk heart with "i love you" in scripty white font?

Feather boa be donned and feminism be damned.
This fish needs a bicycle and she likes Valentine's Day.

Posted by This Fish at February 13, 2003 06:50 PM