Heather DMNThis Fish Needs a Bicycle is a blog by Heather L. Hunter.

About the Blogger: Married. 3336. Mother. Dallas, Texas. I’m an over-thinker and shower singer. I love pink (the color, not the musician), a cranky cat named Sir Halitosis, broccoli and Q-tips. I require Sunday afternoon naps and real, in-the-mailbox mail for ultimate happiness and I’m overly fond of the phrase “Eat it or wear it.” And, for someone who made a name as a single gal blogger, I really never liked dating. In May of 2011, I got’ hitched to my Dork Lord, bought and renovated a house, had a beautiful, ridiculous baby who wouldn’t/couldn’t eat, quit my job, lived in a hospital and here we are.

About the Blog: This blog began as an anonymous venting session in 2002 when I was living in Boston and dating a man-child named J (we’re good friends; he acknowledges the title). Then I moved to New York and outed myself in The New York Times. That’s a long story that comes with some amount of growing pains and embarrassment. But you know, you live and learn. In 2005, I signed a syndication deal with iVillage and one day in 2010, having had enough of the aggressive advertising, decided I didn’t really need a steady income to pay for my wedding and I quit. And here we are.

Photo credit: The Dallas Morning News