helping hands

UntitledToday, Charlie and I spent an inordinately long time (he’s helping, see? Such a helper) converting his crib into a toddler bed.

About five hours too late.

Aside from trying to chew his cast off like a wild animal, he’s acting like nothing happened. Pretty sure I’m more traumatized than he is about the whole thing (though, I thought we were gonna need a tranq gun in the ER. He was not pleased about being there). And from what I’ve seen of my fearless little boy, this is just the first of many visits to the ER. Okay, second. We’ve been there before so he could get a feeding tube. Same room. Lots of crying. Only this time, his mom held it together.

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  • melissa

    Truly a beautiful boy. We converted my son’s crib at around the same age. He never climbed out, mostly because he was usually sleeping in my bed. In the toddler bed, we can sit down next to him and comfortably keep him laying down. I dread the day he figures out the gate at the top of the stairs. He’s already figuring out the drawer and cabinet locks.

  • Melanie D

    Sounds a lot like the first of my little brothers. I am glad he is mostly okay.

    And, yes… much better than the feeding tube.

  • Jennifer Suzio

    Probably abuse from his depressed mom. Or is it Munchausens by proxy. No attention from feeding tube so let’s hit the ER whilst claiming “woe is me, no o e knows my name”. Hope social services is following up

    • thisfish

      Look, it’s one thing to make horrible accusations, but to do it anonymously just speaks to your own failings, Stephanie/Jennifer. Not mine. I used to worry people would think Charlie’s feeding problems were a reflection of me. I don’t worry about that anymore. And you can’t rattle me with that nonsense. You can make me feel sorry for you though. Because I definitely do. You must be really lonely.

    • Sil Yu

      what a horrible thing to say by Jennifer Suzio… really??!?
      Hope your son’s hands heal quickly! he is adorable and you are an awesome mom, it shows through!

    • DA FUQ??? How did the lunatic fringe get in? You’d think she’d be super busy figuring out who really cooked up Paris bombings. BTW, my nephew broke his forearm at just about Charlie’s age. And it was indeed the first of his many visits. Skateboarder. Soccer player. Need I say more?

    • Andrea

      I can’t imagine what a sad life (not to mention a pathetic abundance of free time!) you must have to post something so hateful and vapid. Shame on you, and please get some help for what is clearly undiagnosed clinical depression, bipolar, or borderline personality disorder. Because mentally stable people DO NOT post comments like the one you did.

  • Patricia

    Wow. I am just amazed at the garbage people will write. Fish I am sorry others can not keep their rude comments to themselves. Thank you for being strong and standing up to it. I have been a reader for nearly ten years and have enjoyed the little snippets into your life. I too met my love and am adding to the family in my thirties and have found comfort in relating to so many of your stories. You have a beautiful gift in your words. There are many times I have thought to myself, “She said it perfectly.” So again THANK YOU for continuing to share. And of course for the adorable chubby baby pictures. :)

    • thisfish

      Stuff like that used to bother me but now I see it for what it is. It’s like when you dream – every character in your dreams is actually a reflection of your own psyche. It’s all you. And that’s how I see commenters like this. Yelling at themselves. Fighting with their own insecurities on someone else’s blog, unaware of how revealing it all is.

      Especially how revealing their IP address is. :-P

  • melissa

    Oooo… now I can spend the afternoon google stalking Jennifer Suzio. I didn’t want to spend the afternoon doing any work!

    • thisfish

      Ha! Though, I’m pretty sure that’s not her real name.

      • melissa

        Oh, haha. I thought she entered Stephanie but you somehow found out her real name. There is a Jennifer Suzio in CT, but I suppose it’s unfair to blame her now.

        • thisfish

          I know. And Jennifer Suzio has two kids (twins), but I would guess it’s a smoke screen. This much anger is probably from someone I knew when I lived there.

  • Susan

    I feel sorry for Jennifer/Stephanie’s kids…someone that ridiculous and judgmental must be tons of fun to live with.

    Hope Charlie’s arm heals quickly. Both of mine were climbers from the start and it was/is terrifying. They’re now 8 and 11 and have graduated to very tall trees.

  • Jennifer-Stephanie is a great title for a horror movie.

  • M

    Like…red-head Stephanie with twins and a well known blog? I hope not! My jaw is on the floor!

    • thisfish

      No, never. Never, ever.

      • M

        Thank God. I’ve never met either of you but I was really upset because A) doesn’t seem like her and B) I love your friendship!
        Someone who has invested emotions in people she will never meet.

        • thisfish

          I mean, besides all the obvious stuff, like us being friends, *that* Stephanie would never use ‘whilst’ every other sentence. It’s so weirdly pretentious.

  • Helen

    Aww poor Charlie – and poor momma. I know that stomach feeling you get when something happens – don’t beat yourself up over it… they really move dang quick and maybe this is a sign he is going to be an explorer… or a stunt double.

  • Leora

    I mostly lurk, have been for years – I hope that is ok? A tiny bit of practical advice – invest in some duct tape (they have all kinds of designs now?!) – the piece between the thumb and the forefinger, even on a strong cast, can sometimes break apart and you can duct tape it back together in a pinch if you need. I am not a doctor, but, I promise I asked our Brooklyn doctor and he said it was ok.

    • thisfish

      They actually put Charlie in a removable brace since his break was stable (no floppy arm here! ugh, I can’t even process how that much look), and we even went back and bought a back up one. Because yeah, he’s HARD on that thing. Also, it stinks and needs washing.

  • Wow, at first I thought “Jennifer Suzio” was making some weak attempt at sarcastic humor, but then realized it wasn’t!

    Anyway, Heather, sorry your little guy got hurt. I am told that my sister managed to break her collarbone from such a fall, so you aren’t the only parent to experience this trauma. I kept an ever-watchful eye for my boys because of the family story, but luckily nothing bad happened (though the bed conversion timing was never convenient).

    True story: When my oldest son was about six months, he managed to roll off our beds onto the floor. That got my wife upset enough that she called me at work in a panic, and said that she had called her mother, and her grandmother, and her sister . . . at which point I had to interrupt and ask, “Did you call the DOCTOR?” It took a couple of times to reinforce the question for her to calm down and call the pediatrician. Fortunately, no harm done. My son is now 15 and perfectly fine. Charlie will be fine also.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a safe and happy Thanksgiving!