Once I stepped into my office yesterday morning, I did not step out again until after 7pm. I didn’t make tea; I didn’t go to the bathroom. Nose to the grindstone for ten hours. Production days are like that. So when I sealed the Fed-Ex box, slapped the label on and gathered my things, I decided to take myself to a movie.

It must be noted that I have never, previous to last night, been to a movie by myself.

It’s not that I’m unable to go anywhere alone. On the contrary. I shop alone. In January I’ll be taking a Latin Ballroom class… alone. It’s simply never occurred to me that there doesn’t need to be a social aspect to movie-going. That, and, well, who’s gonna look over at me and roll their eyes, and pat my arm, when I cry?

(Here’s a tangent, if you’ll allow: I cried at Sixth Sense. Almost the entire movie. Not sobbing or anything ridiculous, mind you, but I was pretty upset for that traumatized little kid. I have an overactive Empathy Gland or something. Someone is scared? I must cry for them. Really happy? In love? Oh, the joy! I must cry happy tears. This is why, if we’ve just met, it’s best to stick to comedies or anything with Julia Roberts or The Rock. No chance of being moved there. Okay, tangent over.)

On the way to the theater, J called. I was half-tempted to say, “See this movie with me!” But I didn’t. I’ve all but cut the J-cord completely, and well, why revert? So, instead, I guided him through his current crisis — curtain buying — and went into the theater alone. I watched Big Fish, sitting between two women (their dates on either side) who cried at exactly the same times I did. I could see, in my peripheral vision, their hands go to their eyes, almost in unison. Synchronized crying. Unbelievable. I didn’t know there were others. We really should form some sort of club.

A few notes on the movie:

1. Jessica Lange was luminous. Absolutely radiant.
2. Someone should really have warned me about the spiders.
3. The line, “To your father there were only ever two women: your mother and everyone else.” sparked some synchronized crying like never was seen before. It was so touching. I mean, I’d feel lucky to get into someone’s top ten list, let alone render the rest of the female population a faceless throng of skirts. No wonder she was so radiant.

It’s a bit gray out today, and if I continue along with that sentiment, well, I just may cry myself into a snotty heap on my office floor. Instead, I will clean my desk and take a lunchtime walk by the river and think about less moving things like, what to make for dinner.

I have company coming.

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  • that quote from the movie is breathtaking – i hadn’t even though about seeing Big Fish until now.

    i’ve never been to a movie alone before. i like the thought of it being your choice to go alone…

  • “Big Fish” was my favorite movie of the year- and yes, I cried at it. First time I’ve cried at a movie in years…

  • I’m dying to see that movie. Now more than ever!

    Thanks for the heads up on the spiders. :)

  • Oh – BTW – I go to the movies by myself all the time – and often prefer it that way. I can’t stand going with someone who distracts me and talks through the entire thing (95% of my friends and family). :)

  • Kim

    I WISH WISH WISH that movie were out here in the hinterlands of Texas already. I can’t WAIT to see it. Ya’ll are so lucky to be in “the big city” you know. :)

    But I cry all the time too. It started with Fried Green Tomatoes– I stopped stifling the tears when I saw a whole row of women crying and thought– who the hell am I trying to impress? So I’m a weeper too. And often, movies are fun alone– sometimes, there’s a movie I just want to see now, not wait till video, and can’t get anyone else interested in.

    I’m up for the club!

    Cryers Incorporated?

    Weepers United?

    Tear-fest Ulimited?

    Empaths are We?

    Kleenex Kids? (for a little assonance, there)

    Congrats on a long day’s work and rewarding yourself properly.

  • Billy Crudup was very convincing as a snot-nosed, whiney, selfish, little man.

    And I don’t want to give the movie away, but I thought there was a little side thing going on between Ewan and Helen, so I lost interest after a while because I thought the “fish” was a big prick.

    And it wasn’t as visually appealing as I thought it would be. It’s Tim Burton, fot pete’s sake. I don’t know. I’m just young and unappreciative.

  • I went to a movie alone once. Some French thing playing in Union Square. After hearing the people behind me, in the empty-ish theatre, audibly have sexual relations, I am never going to a movie alone ever again.

    Am excited to see “Big Fish”, though. This weekend.

  • Man, I missed out on a Fish siting! I was supposed to see that movie at 7:15 last night and I believe it is only playing in one theatre near where you live which is where I would have gone. Ended up bailing on my friends at the last minute because of exhaust though.

    Not that there is any way I would have recognized you, but, you know.

    I went to one movie by myself in high school when I was skipping school. Can’t remember what, think maybe something with Fairuza Balk. Clearly the experience didn’t make much of an impression on me.. I love doing things alone though. Nothing wrong with that.

  • jennn…

    Sister! I’m no bigfoot! We should have drinks and end the mystery!!!! or, I do want to see House of Sand and Fog……… ;)

  • oh, and PS… I was at the 7:15 ;)

  • Awww. If I were only going to be in town a couple more days!! Unfortunately I go west friday. Next time, for sure. :)

  • Holy crap!!! I thought I was the only one to cry at 6th Sense!