to the honorable wendy davis

My feelings on abortion are complicated. My feelings on choice and access to care are not. Sent this morning via United States Mail:

Dear Senator Davis,

I often have a feeling of despair in regard to the political process, the lack of a real voice many of us have in it, and the increasing fervor to remove rational discourse from it. I do not feel that way today. Thank you for what you did last night. Thank you for standing up for us – both literally and philosophically – and for giving us a reason to hope.

Most sincerely,

Heather L. Hunter

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  • What she did was so awesome, I almost wish I lived in Texas. ;)

  • Lori

    Hi there. Long time reader, infrequent commenter here. I just wanted to say that I completely agree with your letter to Senator Davis, and I could not have said it better myself. Thanks.

  • -k-

    So hoping I get the chance to vote for her as governor..

  • Sharon

    Disappointed to see that you support “choice” to terminate a pregnancy at 20 weeks. I encourage you to research and understand fetal development at that point and see what you are supporting. This bill is about late term abortion. Disappointed to see you don’t have problems with that.

    • thisfish

      The bill is *not* about late term abortion and I encourage you to research and understand the actual language of the bill and its intended outcomes, not just what you hear on Fox News. The bill, through imposition of arbitrary requirements that all but four of the state’s providers cannot meet, would thus close nearly every facility offering ANY kind of abortion and drastically limit access to much needed care regardless of whether the abortion is to save the mother’s life, or any other reason. Save your disappointment. I know exactly what I’m supporting.

  • Sharon

    I’m familiar with the bill and have read it. And your portrayal of what the bill includes isn’t completely truthful. Yes, new regulations are in it that are the same required of any day surgery center (and an abortion is a day surgery or do you disagree?). New regulations are passed all the time on businesses, childcare centers, etc… You could say, oh this new childcare safety regulation is not currently complied with by 90% of childcare facilities – but to imply they would all close is dishonest. Most will comply with the regulation and stay open. And why is a safer abortion clinic a bad thing?

    And, if a healthcare clinic does not provide abortions, would it have to close? No. So to say that bill would affect other women’s healthcare is also dishonest.

    I see that you care so much about those who don’t have a voice like kittens abandoned by their mothers. Do not really get your stance here. These children need people to speak up for them. But I guess babies don’t vote :-( .

  • Kristen H.

    Heather, very well said, and I could not agree more. Have you seen these great shirts in support of Texas women who stand up for our federally protected right to choose?

    I’ve already ordered mine and it’s on its way to CO where I will wear it with pride and in solidarity, with those of you in TX, especially given the results of the latest special legislative session. Thanks for voicing your support so eloquently and succinctly. Well done!

  • melissa

    someone needs to go masturbate with her crucifix and leave the rest of us in peace

  • No one who is pro-life or pro-choice is going to convince the other side. What I would urge is to remember that those who disagree with you do not hate you. Unfortunately, the equating if disagreement with hate is happening all to frequently in our society, and shows a lack of self-respect. Dismissing someone’s comments as something learned from Fox News (which I am wondering if you even watch) is an example of being disrespectful.

    You say that your views are “complicated.” That’s probably true for a lot of Americans, as most do support some degree of restrictions on the practice of abortions. The current debate involves not only regulations, but subsidy by the taxpayer. In addition, the recent news of the horrors of the Gosnell “clinic” (and I use that term advisedly) has prompted a lot of state legislatures into action. There have been analogous situations in other places as well.

    Lastly, the decision by the opponents of the proposed Texas legislation to shout “Hail Satan!” at pro-life demonstrators certainly did not help their cause.

    I can tell from reading your recent postings that the topic has been painful. Even if we disagree on the abortion issue, I sincerely wish you and your husband all the best in health, happiness, and success.

    • thisfish

      A couple things: my self-respect is very much intact. I simply don’t feel the need to ‘suffer the fool,’ as it were, when someone plays the, “I’m disappointed in you” card. It’s condescending. It’s so parental and infantilizing. It says, ‘I know better than you and it saddens me that you are so unenlightened.’ Gimme a break.

      • Sharon

        Didn’t intend that at all – so I apologize. I guess I don’t know how to articulate I was surprised at one who seems so touched by animals who have no home/no voice wouldn’t also feel that same way about babies. I suppose if I had said any counter argument is in some way saying you disagree with a person and therefore is some level of judgment. So the solution is to not just discuss anything who disagrees with us? I was intending to state an opposing viewpoint with kindness – not to be inflammatory. Obviously that didn’t happen. I will leave you and your blog alone.

      • Actually, Heather, aside from your snide comment about Fox News, I think you have been pretty respectful, and I admire you for it. My point was not to say “I know better than you” or anything of the kind. What I wanted to say was that in GENERAL hot button political issues have been bringing out the worst in people (as I can see from the comment just above mine). Going back to the actual FACTS in the case, though, I do reckon that we’ll be at an “agree to disagree” stance since you have not actually articulated to what part(s) of the bill you object nor how anything Sharon said above was factually incorrect.

        Here’s an interesting news item: The Satanists are unhappy with the pro-choice demonstrators . . .

  • kathsprout

    My feelings on abortion are complicated too, but I also appreciate what Wendy Davis did and your articulate way of expressing my gratitude.

  • Sally

    It never ceases to amaze me how much some religious American women make other American womens reproductive organs and what they do with them their business. I find it very rude and intrusive. I like those T-Shirts: Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!
    Makes me happy to be living in Europe where we are all busy with our teeth!

    • Zero percent my business, 100% my financial responsibility!

      • Jessica

        Unless you’re actually getting an abortion, you HAVE no financial responsibility. Planned Parenthood and it’s ilk use their federal monies for birth control, cancer screening, and other women’s health needs. There’s no sliding scale for abortion like there is for birth control. There’s no free abortions like there’s free cancer screening.
        The most likely financial burden is from an unwanted child being born and having to live off the state for any variety of reasons.

  • Sally

    isophorone, I’m glad you’re taking finacial responsibility for the freedom of your fellow female humans without making their decisions your business. Thank you. It is money well spent.

    (Sorry Heather, don’t mean to hijack your comments section)

  • Erin O.

    I just wanted to say that I am a long time follower of your blog and am so glad to see you back writing a bit more as I’ve missed you. Also, like you, my feelings on choice and access to care are not complicated as I feel everyone should be able to do what is best for them and not have others deciding for them. Oh, and great job on the letter and your responses to these comments; such a heated comments section!

  • sweet

    Happy Birthday!

  • CaliGal

    hey… happy (belated) birthday! ;)

    Happy to see you on-line again. Missed you much! :)