baby loves bananas and pot roast (there are no tubes in me!)

There are no tubes in me!

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  • Oh my gosh! That is so exciting. Go Charlie! I feel like we are living sort of parallel lives here. My baby is a little older, but he only wants to drink water. We just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago with the NG tube. It is really nice to know that we are not alone in this. I totally get what you mean about being chained to the tube. And the constant gagging on tube feeds. Oh my. It makes me feel so good to know that my baby isn’t the only one who does this.

  • Melissa

    Wow! Fantastic news for your sweet family! Go Charlie! (Sorry that everything is in exclamation! marks! but this is such wonderful news I couldn’t help myself.)

  • Deena

    And he loves finger sandwiches!! Charlie is the best (and his parents are pretty darn good too). So happy to see/read this news.

  • Sharon

    So great to hear this news! And so very happy for you all!

  • CaliGal

    This is so lovely to hear and see!
    Congrats Charlie!
    Nice job, Mom & Dad. :) xoxo

  • Kristen H

    Wonderful news! He’s going to be a foodie, I can just tell.

  • Melanie

    YAY!!! So glad for you all! :D

  • Andrea

    Hooray! So happy for all of you! And also, he looks giant in this picture, how does time go by so fast???

  • Fidelma

    Hurrah! May you have years of happy eating together ahead of you.

  • MissusB

    You go on with your sweet self, Charlie! Nom nom nom…

  • ThomasB

    Awesome!!! Super happy for you and your family. :)

  • Nicole

    So glad to hear that! Way to go to all of you. :)

  • Great news! Picture all kinds of happy, enthusiastic, etc. emoji here, none of which I know how to create.

  • Steffi

    That is SUCH good news. I have no words for how happy this makes me feel. I am very, very, very happy for you. Wishing you all the best.

  • See, he was just waiting for the good stuff! Kid is no dummy.

  • Melanie M


  • Teak

    Grinning ear to ear. I am so happy to read this post. I know how hard it was for you to deal with this for the last year. Not that you had a choice, but congratulations on pushing through it to get to this point. One major hurdle down and lots of wonderful times ahead! …Great to see a photo of him sans tube…and Charlie is as adorable as ever!