Untitled Charlie turned a year old a couple of weeks ago and if you’ve experienced life with a one year old, you’ll understand why I haven’t been updating frequently. He doesn’t walk more than a step or two yet, but he stands all on his own, in the middle of nothing, and it’s taking longer and longer before he realizes what he’s doing and sorta freaks out. Seems like progress to me.

He says Mama (which means anything from, “I’m sad/hungry/tired/angry” to “If you don’t turn on Frozen really soon, Imma let you have it, woman!” and Dada (which means, “Hey! There’s my dad!”), and he meows at the cats and gives high fives and knows what the monkey says and what the elephant says (complete with swinging trunk arm motion) and what the duck says but never, ever will he do any of those things when you want him to do it for the camera or another human being. Because of course not.

He loves to slap his knee to Grandma’s Feather Bed and I find unending delight in that. He hates snow.

He hasn’t had a tube feed since Sunday. Yeah, you read that right. He’s eating all on his own. I told the Dork Lord that we couldn’t even *discuss* having a second child until our first one was eating without the help of modern medicine. I’ve since revised that to, “until I forget how oh-god-kill-me hard having the first one was.” I have a very, very keen memory.

And besides, I’m pretty crazy about the original model.

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  • I’m so happy things are finally turning around for you. It sounds like it’s been such a difficult year, hopefully from here on out its smooth sailing :)

  • Emily

    chunky baby legs! I’m so glad to hear Charlie is eating on his own :)

    • thisfish

      I’ll be so sad to see all that fat go when he starts walking/running. It helps to have a cellulite buddy in the house.

  • Jen

    He is the cutest baby on the internet – officially my favorite. Thanks so much for the update on that precious beautiful boy. Keep them coming!! And by them I mean posts AND babies. LOL ;-)

  • Sharon

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for your latest report and am so happy to hear the good news. YAY to Charlie eating all by himself!

  • Leah

    Happy belated, birthday, Charlie! Nice job eating and being so cute!! xo

  • Nicole

    So glad things seem to have finally fully turned around for all of you. Happy birthday Charlie!

  • Tracey

    :) Happy post :)

  • Steffi

    So, so happy for you guys. Thank you for taking the time for this update.

  • jessilee

    4 years. That’s how long it took me to forget how hard it is and think I should do it again. I have 3 kids. 14, 8, and 4. And I’m not doing it again. I will just wait to be a grandma, when I get all the cute AND all the sleep.
    Glad he’s doing better! Hopefully he just was getting all the hard stuff done first and things will be smooth(er) sailing going forward.

  • Melanie

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!

    I am glad everything is going well–you deserve it! :D He is simply adorable!

  • Melanie M

    Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!!! So glad to hear you’re eating all by yourself :)
    So happy for you all that things are looking up!

  • Happy Birthday, Charlie! I seriously check your blog almost every day still. I kind of feel like that’s a sign there’s something wrong with me? Or I’m just hopelessly optimistic ;)

  • What a happy post! So glad for all your news, and he’s still the cutest baby on the internet.

  • Karen

    Happy Birthday, Charlie! Hooray for turning One! May life be increasingly stupendous and full of wonder with every coming year.

  • ~onekabe

    Hooray! Happy birthday to Charlie and happy no-feeding-tube to you, Mama.

    Overjoyed for you and your beautiful family.

  • Crystal G

    Oh Heather! How did I miss all of this? Well, probably because I haven’t been here since Oct. 2012, but you crossed my mind today and look at all I missed! Congratulations, Charlie is incredible.

  • CaliGal

    Happy Birthday, Charlie! Wishing all the best in the coming year!

    So happy for all of you! Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted. :) You kids rock! Stay well!

  • Nilou

    Whee! What a cutie :) Good to see y’all doing well!

  • Jessika

    I love this. With all my heart!! He is adorable from his head down to his toes. So happy that all is getting a bit easier for the three of you.

  • melissa

    My 17 month old uses mama and dada the same way. About a week ago, he started to calling me dada too and on Monday I got “nah-dada.” Not the dada over here.