mommy’s little socialist

My two year old resembles Boris Johnson. People often feel the need to console me on this point. I am not worried. Now, if his politics resembled Johnson’s, I’d be a little more concerned. But Teddy is a budding socialist (one who likes to headbutt and *throw things at you when he’s mad, but there’s so much room for improvement in toddlers, we’re putting off intensive psychotherapy until he’s at least four). Give Teddy a cookie and his first response is, “Charlie cookie?” I’ve got the good stuff, he says, I want my brother to have it, too. But not his truck. Or his other truck. Or the truck that’s rightly Charlie’s. Because even socialism has its limits. And a communist, he is not.

*When I say he likes to throw things when he’s mad, I mean, he will leave the room, hunt down the heaviest, most menacing object he can lift, return to the scene of the offense, and throw it at you.

6 comments to mommy’s little socialist

  • Heather H

    I am so glad you are blogging again! Have missed your writing the last few years. Just typed in your url out of nostalgia and am thrilled to see you back here. You go, Heather!

  • A

    So happy to see another blog post, I’ve been following your blog since the early days :)

  • Isophorone

    Yes, nice to see you blogging again. (I kinda gave it up.)

    Anyway, the “little socialist” thing conflicts directly with the “Little House on the Prairie” theme of your previous post! LOL

    “Contradictions do not exist. If you see one, check your premises. You will find one of them is wrong.”
    – Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastián D’Anconia

    • thisfish

      I could not disagree more! “Take care of your neighbors” is pretty socialist.

      • Isophorone

        Respectfully, the concept of taking care of neighbors voluntarily vs. the feudal oppression of socialism are two VERY different things.

        But if you are interested in how children run away with this kind of message, I recommend the late 1990s Australian movie “Children of the Revolution.” It’s a dark comedy with all star cast. Watch after the children have gone to bed.

  • Melissa

    Another one saying I just wandered over here on a whim and noticed you had added a post. Great hearing from your corner of the world. :)