ask me anything (before I eat the whipped cream right from the can)

I did really well the first two weeks. Ran a (virtual) 5K at a sub 8-minute mile. Kept the beds made and the rugs vacuumed on the daily. Washed my hair. My ability to cope with the uncertainty of this weird new normal slowly degraded however, and now I’m in this weird place where I only feel… safe (I think that’s the word. Unanxious. Grounded. Okay.) if I’m eating. Or too distracted to think about eating. So let’s get distracted, shall we?

Ask me anything! I’ll answer! Just be nice but not like, too nice because I cry REALLY easily right now.

20 comments to ask me anything (before I eat the whipped cream right from the can)

  • Betsy

    Are you still in touch with J or anyone from the early days of the blog?

    • thisfish

      Yes! J and I are still in touch via ye old Facebook and the occasional text. Right after Charlie was born, I got to see him and meet his wife when they drove cross country. Most of the recurring characters from the blog are still in my life in one way or another. With notable exceptions, of course.

  • Patricia

    How is your oldest? All the feeding issues gone?

    And when are you going to write a book? ????

    And good fish tips to surviving these days?

    So glad to see you writing again.

    • thisfish

      Charlie just turned six two days before we went into isolation. He lost his first tooth last week! He has been free of feeding issues since… we took his tube out at 13 months, I think! I don’t know what I would write a book about, but as soon as I do, you’ll hear about it. I have no survival tips. I’ve taken to compulsively weeding the lawn (which is 87% weeds), so things have gotten pretty desperate around here. (And thank you :) )

  • Marie

    Will you keep blogging after all this is over? I miss reading blogs and yours in particular. Facebook and Instagram isn’t the same.

    • thisfish

      I don’t know. It’s a really good outlet, but right now, my only material is my kids, and it’s not really fair to make them the focal point (even though, let’s be real, there’s a LOT of content there). I guess I need to find my way back, but with some clear boundaries.

  • Abbey

    No question from me. I just wanted to say it’s good to see that you’re back even if it is temporary! :)

  • Leah

    Also not a question but wanted to say that I love seeing your writing pop up in my feed, and I hope you keep going, even when this craziness is over. All the best to you and your family.

  • Jessica D

    Another no question just echoing how good it was to see a post! Thank you!

  • Kate

    Vacuuming daily? I’m in awe about that fact. I did start to wash baseboards but got distracted, and easily overwhelmed. If you could travel anywhere in the world (if there was no covid) where would you go and why?

    • thisfish

      So, my youngest has really bad spring allergies, and since we’re all in and out constantly, and the cats go in and out, I try to vacuum every day. I don’t always get to it. If there was no Covid, I would go back to Puerto Rico, get a room at the San Juan Ritz Carlton and eat and sleep for like a week. Which all sounds very unimaginative but god, that shit’s relaxing.

  • Jasmine Marcus

    Good to see you back! Is there social media where we can follow you, or somewhere to read things you’ve written lately?

    • thisfish

      Thank you! I’m on twitter @thisfishy but my Instagram is private because my toddler runs around naked a bunch.

  • Isophorone

    Did you ever read the story about how one woman attacked another in the office with a fish? It wound up in Federal Court!

    OK, but really, It is nice to see you back. I wish you and your family the best in health and happiness.

  • Jamie

    I was so happy to see your new posts pop up! I’ve missed your wit and perspective, glad to get a new dose of you. Please keep writing with your kids as material. We can all relate – we all either have kids or were kids ourselves! Welcome back.

  • Kay

    Glad to see you writing again too! I am about 10 years farther into motherhood than you, but enjoyed your single in new york tales while I was chasing naked toddlers. What would the you of now tell the you of 10 years ago about motherhood?

  • Kay

    Aww, you seem to be doing a good job raising kids so I’d say you are cut out for it. But, it is very consuming. It gets easier when they’re older, someday you’ll do things that don’t revolve around them and find yourself again!

  • RzDrms

    Do you still iron your bedsheets? I find that fascinating, particularly since I haven’t seen our iron in years.