holding court

On Thursday night I dreamt that I met Queen Noor. It took me until Saturday to realize it hadn’t actually happened.

And that’s not the first time I’ve suffered that sort of delusion. Shortly after Princess Di’s tragic death (and subsequently devouring the biography my college roommates bought me as a joke) I had a dream that I had tea with Her Royal Highness. It was so real that when I woke up, I was very disappointed we hadn’t actually shared little crustless sandwiches and stories about those rascally princes. Ever since my early childhood when I named every single one of my Barbie dolls Diana, I’d been convinced that the Princess and I were destined to be bosom friends.

I’m pretty sure I was depressed about it for a good day or two.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading bits and pieces of Leap of Faith. Ergo the dream. And just so you don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not that I went around actively thinking, Hey, wasn’t that cool how I met Queen Noor? But when I saw her picture somewhere (CNN maybe?), I thought, “Hey, wait… didn’t I just…”

No. I didn’t.

This is exactly why I do not entertain celebrity crushes. I obviously blur the line between imagination and reality a bit too easily.

And stalker is such an ugly, ugly word.

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  • Got to love those dreams that seem so real. I was once absolutlely convinced that David Suzuki gave me a quarter to call the cops so they could take care of the farm animals that were charging across my front lawn.

    No kidding.

    Crap, dreaming about meeting princesses seems so much more civilized.

  • I was working in Turkey when she died, and was really spun when I saw the story on television that night… Today there was a program on the History Channel that purported to explain the possibilities of assassination. Very weird.

    And oddly enough, I am working now with a guy who knows Queen Noor. In Minnesota.

    And check out this restaurant that was a favorite of King Hussein.


    I just always love the shrinking of the world.


  • I have the same problem.

    As it turns out, celebrities are not always around to help you mow your lawn (no matter how overgrown it is).

  • Don’t worry. I often wake up with the genuine believe that my boyfriend called me somewhere in the middle of that night. And sometimes he did. So I am constantly wondering around asking myself if we actually talked on the phone or if I just dreamed it and if it wasn’t a dream then what for heavens sake we talked about ;-)

  • I often dream that I have met Bono. We hang out, do normal things like drink tea at someone’s grandma’s house (I don’t know who), or I helped him pack for tour once… I picked out sunglasses. I never wake up thinking its real, I think its more about trying to not be so nervous when I do finally hang out with him.

    I understand the Princess Di thing. I saw an exhibition of her gowns. She was thin, thin! Amazing! Closest thing I will ever come to hanging out with royalty. I almost cried when I saw the dress she wore when she danced with John Travolta.

  • red

    i’ve dreamt that i hung out with Dooce and Leta. is that the same thing? :)

  • For a very long time, I was quite sure I was going to marry Matthew Perry. I had no doubt that, somehow, sometime, somewhere, we would cross paths and he would instantly love me.

    Because I’m insane, you know.

    Also? Matthew Perry? What?

  • rg

    I have dreams about people I know. sometimes the dreams are too close to reality to realize the difference at first. sometimes this gets me in a bit of trouble. ;~)

  • I dated a woman for a few years that was completely convinced she was destined to be famous and live that lifestyle… only problem was she was a deeply depressed woman with little drive in life if any at all and that was her only reality after a while… sad really…

    A healthy imagination is always a good thing as long as you do not blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

  • It is such a relief to read that somebody else blurs the line between dreams and reality; I always feel so foolish when I have the “wait. that didn’t happen.” moment in front of others who look at me as though I’ve just realized the most obvious thing about the world, as though I’ve just said “wait. the world is round.”

    On another note, first time commenter but definately not a first time reader. I really enjoy the site.

  • That’s OK, I used to dream about Lisa Ling, then I’d get to first period, see her on Channel One, and not be able to type because I was so sullen.

  • lawyerchik1

    There must be something in the air – I just had a dream that I was bungee-jumping with Elvis. And I’m not even that big a fan…..

    Maybe it’s the proximity of Jupiter to the Moon that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. If so, I’m taking advantage of it to see if I can conjure up Scott Patterson (Luke in Gilmore Girls)!! ;)

  • Stalker is a better word than blog.

    As for me, I tend to have this sort of knee-jerk, negative reaction to celebrity. I always assume they’re all assholes and that anything good about them was manufactured by “their people”.

    And now, a confession: I have no idea who Queen Noor is. She sounds like some C.S. Lewis character.

    Have a great day.

  • Sometimes I have dreams about people in my life and depending on the subject of the dream I have been known to hold a grudge until I realize it’s not true…

  • Looks like it’s gonna get even uglier.

  • I’m so just waiting for part IV.


  • I so often blur dream with reality that I became addicted to self-preservation through dreaming. Every night I would choose my adventure and live it.

    I know. It’s so pathetic. It’s like in Stepmom at the end before Susan Sarandon dies and she’s all, “we can meet … in our dreams.” And the little boy has his dove and everyone is crying.

    Mostly I got over that, although occasionally, somehow, the hot co-worker and I end up making out. Usually, though, the dreams are just about the copy machine.

  • that was very funny, I seldom remember my dreams but when I do they’re very vivid and I often take a few seconds to realise that something I’m remembering was actually a dream.

  • One of my blogging buddies just had a two-week dream marathon about Ben Affleck. Last night, he had one about Tori Amos. WTF? I once dreamt about Rob Lowe and a few times there have been random celebrities… and, yes…stalker…not so good.


  • celebrity crushes are so much fun. what else would we all talk about if it wasn’t for someone’s ass on tv.

  • I’ve read that book too, it was a slow read but I was proud that I finished. I gained a new perspective on that part of the world. Queen Noor used her likablity and ‘celebrity’ as a platform to enlighten and educate her readers to many false stereotypes of people in her area.

    I too would like to have tea with her, she’s so interesting, smart and beautiful.

  • I DID meet Queen Noor, 2 or 3 times! :) And yes, she is lovely, articulate, and highly charismatic: a true delight to talk to. I am so glad she gives a more human face to women from and in the Middle East.

    Great Blog!