paging intern amy

I think I just fell in love with you.

I recapped my pen, crumpled the post-it note and tossed it over the cubicle wall. Then I waited. Soon, there was a rustle of paper and Justine snickered. She knew the reason for my ardor. Short of crushing his windpipe with The Force, she had just gone Darth Vader on the smart-ass intern – something I’ve been dying to do for a while now.

But I’ve got my own intern problems to deal with.

I’ve already had to run interference with higher ups who think she is cheeky and rude. She is. I agree. But I didn’t hire her and so far, her attitude hasn’t been reason enough for those in charge to let her go. She wears whore shoes, too. But I can’t seem to find that anywhere on an incident report.

Reason for dismissal? Bad, bad shoes.

Bad shoes and backtalk — this never happened when Intern Amy was here. That girl was a dream. After week one, I ready to braid friendship bracelets and add her to the Future Bridesmaids list. She let us nickname her, she came out on the town with us and when I was having a fit of melancholy, sang along to the entire Carpenters Love Songs album.

Don’t you remember you told me you loved me baby?

Miss Teen Louisiana, singing into a Poland Springs microphone while bemused coworkers looked on. They were used to the antics Justine and I pulled, but surely this sweet girl was incorruptible. Hardly. We went into mourning when she left us to go back to school.

Justine and I have been texting and calling Amy for the last two days. Each time, we get the emergency response saying all circuits are busy. Of course, I have every faith that she and her family made it safely inland, but still, every time I pass the big screen TV’s in our firm’s library, and catch a bit of CNN’s hurricane coverage, I feel a little nervous. I imagine it’s only a smidgeon of what others are feeling – the dread of missing loved ones in the wake of this disaster. My heart goes out to them.

And Amy, if you happen to see this — phone home, will ya? Justine, Loud Larry and I are worried.

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  • julie

    Know what you’re feeling, I was born and raised in Louisiana and most of my family still lives there [I'm in Chicago, grad schooling]. It took forever to get in touch with my mom, and still can’t reach several friends who live around New Orleans. I’m keeping faith that my friends got out okay….but their houses are probably another story. Hoping your friends okay, too.


  • Smilin.N.ny

    I only hope that the new intern (as much of a nightmare as she may be)isn’t aware of your blog. There is nothing worse than the confirmation of the dislike someone (or a group of people) hold for you.

    Good luck with you friend Amy. However, she may has her own trama to deal with right now. That may be the reason she hasn’t responded to you yet.

  • rg

    I am still waiting to hear back from a friend about her family in New Orleans. I hope Amy and everyone else is alright.

  • i pray that amy (and as many others as possible) made it safely through the chaos.

  • it’s absolute devastation down here. the governor, the senator, and grown men rescuing people hour after hour are all brought to tears by what they see. i’m shellshocked and saddened. my city will never be the same. jobs, homes, streets, people…all lost. it’s geniunely sickening. God bless amy, and God bless everyone down here in this mess.

  • I hope you ex-intern (would that be an extern?) is safe, and I hope your are as happy as, well, something that’s very happy. A clown? No, clowns aren’t happy, really. A clam? Isn’t that a saying? Happy as a clam? I don’t know.

    See you later, lady.

  • Brandy

    Something like this devastation really puts life into focus. My husband and I love your blogg. We will say a prayer for your intern Amy and everyone else. This storm will effect everyone. From the price of gas down to your milk.I know it’s time for me to stop shopping and start saving.

  • That time inbetween potential disaster and your loved ones checking in to let you know they are ok is horrible..

  • Heyyy! this Fish is really lovely! I’ll bring your my bicycle! would you like to join me for a ride?!

    that post: “girl, you’ll be a woman” was Awesome! good luck to you!

  • Heyyy! this Fish is really lovely! I’ll bring you my bicycle! would you like to join me for a ride?!

    that post: “girl, you’ll be a woman” was Awesome! good luck to you!

  • Thanks, Tanya.

    Our firm is already talking about re-building efforts. I will have more info shortly.

  • That’s awesome. I’m thinking about doing a fundraiser.

  • Just had to comment. I hope your former intern Amy is a-okay, along with her friends and family.

    And to comment on a previous comment, some people are very amazing. The wonderful governor of Louisiana getting his hands dirty rescuing his constituents. I should expect nothing less. Bravo to him.

    (In reference to another blog), it’s terribly sad that our nation’s leader couldn’t do the same when Katrina hit land two days ago. He’s not expected back until tomorrow! (Not my blog, so rant is over).

    Happy Wednesday, Fish. :)